Sound, 60 seconds, Wednesday 9 July 2014, Federation Hall, Victorian College of the Arts

NOISEWEAR employs and expands upon the behaviours and strategies of music fans. This work utilizes 18 sound recordings of myself putting on and wearing the iconic garments – boots, shoes, loafers, baggy pants, belts, skirts, dresses, shorts, t-shirts, hoodie, parka, jackets, scarf, necklace and hat – of 14 musicians and composers: Ben Byrne, Carolyn Connors, Dave Brown, David Palliser, James Rushford, Joe Talia, Judith Hamann, Lloyd Honeybrook, Marco Fusinato, Nik kennedy, Robin fox, Rosalind hall, Sean Baxter and Tarquin Manek. Most of the recordings were done by the musicians in their homes and studios. Rhys Corr provided additional recording and mixing, and Joe Talia did the final mix.