Peter Nelson, Grottspace – Philippe Vranjes, 2016, screenshots from computer game

Grottspace is a free application downloadable as part of SafARI 2016. It is a computer game environment (based on a digital reconstruction of Alexander Mcleay’s grotto at Elizabeth Bay, Sydney) where each level is an instantiation of a grotto art gallery, populated by an exhibition of a different artist or collective from the SafARI 2016 program. Peter Nelson has created exhibitions for 2016 SafARI artists Claudia Nicholson, Sarah Poulgrain + Llewellyn Millhouse and Philippe Vranjes. The medium of this project was a conglomerate of software that allowed for a specific location, artworks and supporting media to be kidnapped, and reassembled into something that I call an art gallery, that can be downloaded and played on your computer.