Sunset, 2018

Rubbish Throne with Noses, 2018

Study for a Portrait of Nik Kennedy (after Spasmoslop), 2018

The Smallest Square Section…, 2018

Wintercore (after Annalee Koernig), 2016

Study for a Portrait of Hammers Lake, 2016

Study for a Portrait of Lloyd Honeybrook, 2016

Noise Platter, Strange Neighbour, Melbourne, 2016

Noise Platter, SafARI, curated by Louise Dibben and Sophie Kitson, Alaska Projects [carpark], Sydney, 2016

Grottspace, conceived & directed by Peter Nelson – Philippe Vranjes with Carolyn Connors (sound design), 2016

NOISEWEAR, as part of 60*60, curated by Susan Frykberg and Warren Burt, 2014

AMPLIFIED, Bus Projects, 2013

AMPLIFIED, Trocadero Art Space, 2012

Study for a Portrait of Robin Fox After Fra Angelico’s Madonna of The Shadows, 2012

Study for the Right Hand of Peter Hyde, 2014

Self-Study with Blackflash, 2013

Study for the Left Hand of a Hardcore Drummer (after Matt Skitz Sanders Ex Damaged, Terrorust), 2013

Philippe Vranjes is a visual artist who uses a multi-form approach to sculpture, painting and photography. His practice is currently engaged with paying homage to the local contexts of experimental and noise music and to the world of potentialities they exemplify. Philippe lives in Melbourne. He graduated from a Master of Fine Art, Monash University, in 2012 under the supervision of Melissa Miles. Recent solo, joint exhibitions and projects include AMPLIFIED, Bus Projects, 2013; AMPLIFIED, Trocadero Art Space, 2012; AMPLIFIED, Monash University Masters Gallery, 2011; REC ROOM, curated by Hana Hoogedeure, Interlude Gallery, Sydney, 2016; SAFARI, curated by Louise Dibben and Sophie Kitson, Alaska Projects, Sydney, 2016; A WINDOW THAT ISN’T THERE…, curated by Michael Vale, Strange Neighbour, 2014; 60*60, curated by Susan Frykberg and Warren Burt, VCA/School of Music, 2014 and GREATER THAN ONE, curated by Alicia Renew, MADA Gallery, 2010. Philippe was a finalist in The Hobart City Art Prize, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, 2013. His works were also selected for the inaugural Substation Art Prize, 2011 and the Redlands Westpac Art Prize (emerging artist category, nominated by Julie Rrap), 2010.